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The Importance of Keeping Employees Happy and Healthy

A couple weeks ago our team got together for a small (social distanced) corporate summer event. At Virtual CFO we believe that a small get together like this is vitally important to managing and growing a business. Our employees work hard for us all year long so not only does this show our true appreciation, but this also encourages team building. In order to have a cohesive team, especially in a virtual environment, it helps to have everyone know each other outside of the office. 

So what did we do to promote team building and how did we make it fun? 

Almost nothing! Although putting your team through long discussions and activities can be beneficial in some cases, it doesn’t always create an organic relationship amongst employees. 

One activity we did was a fun “selfie scavenger hunt”, where each team member had to pair up and take selfies with a variety of different objects from a list we created. In addition, our CEO Alex gave a short presentation on Virtual CFO’s current plan and future goals. Aside from these few planned events, we let our employees enjoy a beautiful summer day on a piece of gorgeous waterfront property in Metchosin. 

We believe that, because we are virtual, it’s refreshing and important to spend time and connect with our team in person in order to build ourselves into the company we want to be and accomplish our goals.

So what is our mission and what values do we stand for? 

Our mission is fixed in providing strategic financial guidance and tech solutions, propelling startups into scale up. We provide a progressive external finance team for startups and small businesses looking to accelerate their growth.

Our Values

Passion for startups 

Since we are a growing company ourselves, we get the startup life. We intrinsically understand the needs of the fast-growing companies we work with, and we strive to help them by providing valuable financial information to key stakeholders.

Respect for people 

Businesses are built from great people, and we respect and value the people we get to work with to reach our goals and experience success together.


We constantly search for new solutions and ideas to help our clients and employees succeed in an innovative and technology-driven world.

Team focused

We choose to be highly collaborative and team-focused both within our internal team and the companies we work with.

Do you have questions for our team? Contact us here!

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