About Us

Welcome to Virtual CFO Solutions!

We are a young company, founded in Victoria, BC in Canada. While we love to support our local clients, we provide virtual CFO services for startups right across Canada, America, and Europe.

Our mission is fixed in providing strategic financial guidance and tech solutions, propelling startups into scale up. We provide a progressive external finance team for startups and small businesses looking to accelerate their growth. Our services include financial planning, reporting, bookkeeping, monthly accounting, and more, perfectly suited for startups and growing businesses. 

We strive to be recognized as the top virtual CFO team for growing startups by providing high quality fintech solutions and professional advice while also creating strong financial leaders in the industry.

Virtual CFO Services for Tech-Based Startups

Here at Virtual CFO Solutions, we’re very clear about who we work with. Our particular expertise lies in helping startups in the technology and creative space. As a young, growing business ourselves, we understand what you’re going through. We have the experience and the tools to help you stay in control of your finances, improve your cashflow and keep investors happy. Find out more about how we help.

Alex and her team are our go-to firm for part-time CFO services. They provide value beyond the classic CFO responsibilities, including optimizing processes, identifying KPIs, and reviewing overall financial performance. VirtualCFO helps us run a better business. Their work quality is exemplary.

Our Values

Passion for startups

Since we are a growing company ourselves, we get the start-up life. We intrinsically understand the needs of the fast-growing companies we work with, and we strive to help them by providing valuable financial information to key stakeholders.

Respect for people

Businesses are built from great people, and we respect and value the people we get to work with to reach our goals and experience success together.


We constantly search for new solutions and ideas to help our clients and employees succeed in an innovative and technology-driven world.

Team focused

We choose to be highly collaborative and team-focused both within our internal team and the companies we work with.

Want to join our team? We’re always looking for great talent. Apply here.

Meet The Founder

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